Canon Pixma iX7000 Driver Download

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Canon Pixma iX7000 Driver

Canon PIXMA iX7000 Driver Download Canon PIXMA iX-7000 is one of the A3 inkjet printers from Canon that has been circulating in Indonesia. This A3 printer was launched to answer the printing needs for A3 paper media especially for office needs, although it did not rule out the possibility of being used for home users and small businesses. This A3 single function printer has a pretty elegant design with silver and black matte finish on the printer... Read More

Canon Pixma iP1880 Driver Download

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Canon Pixma iP1880 Driver

Canon PIXMA iP1880 Driver Download  -Canon PIXMA ip1880 printer is one of the products issued by a large Canon company that you can use as a solution for office and home use in terms of printing documents. This printer is generally black in color and is designed with a nice and lightweight appearance. Canon IP 1880 printer design is also designed with a minimalist so it takes up less space.

This Canon ip1880 printer has good print quality with a... Read More

Canon Pixma IX6770 Driver Download

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Canon Pixma IX6770 Driver

Canon PIXMA iX6770 Driver Download Printing high-resolution spreadsheets and CAD drawings will certainly fit if it can be printed on large paper. Because with large paper, you can display more data and also more complete text or image details. Canon Pixma iX6770 is one of the products of choice for you who want to print on large paper, up to A3 size. What are the advantages offered by this A3 printer?

The Canon Pixma iX6770 can print at ISO... Read More

Canon PIXMA iP7270 Driver Download

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Canon PIXMA iP7270 Driver

Canon PIXMA iP7270 Driver Download Canon iP7270 Is a Canon inkjet printer manufacturer that has very qualified specifications where this can help your needs and work in printing documents and photos. This multifunction printer that can print, copy, and scan has brought injection printing technology so that when printing this printer only requires very little time.

The specifications of the Canon IP7270 are indeed very qualified where this... Read More

Canon Pixma E480 Driver Download

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Canon Pixma E480 Driver

Canon PIXMA E480 Driver Download  -Canon has been one of the printer manufacturers from the past until now it is still the king of the printer so it is not wrong if almost all printers sold by Canon are personally in demand by people in the world including Indonesia. One of the multifunction printers so far is still sought after by many people even though it is sold at a price that is not disappointingly expensive, namely the Canon Pixma E480 Printer, a... Read More

Canon PIXMA iX6870 Driver Download

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Canon PIXMA iX6870 Driver

Canon PIXMA iX6870 Driver Download  -Canon PIXMA iX6870 is an efficient and cost-effective printing solution. Canon Pixma iX6870 is designed in such a way with an attractive design and appearance so that it can be placed in all office environments including the Small Office Home Office (SOHO).

PIXMA iX6870 is equipped with the ability to print wirelessly via Wi-Fi technology which can print from various gadget devices or smartphones. This printer is suitable for use... Read More

Canon PIXMA iX6560 Driver Download

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Canon PIXMA iX6560 Driver

Canon PIXMA iX6560 Driver Download  -This is a printer for wide format from Canon, the release with the Canon Pixma iX 6560 series has advantages in good print quality. This printer also has many features, can be for wide format printing, can print photos, with good quality. This printer is also reliable for quick and heavy use.

The Canon IX6560 printer is a reliable type A3 Canon printer, which has impressive printing speeds. If you want this type of printer, here... Read More

Canon PIXMA G2010 Driver Download

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Canon PIXMA G2010 Driver

Canon PIXMA G2010 Driver Download  -Canon G2010 printer is one of the best choices for those of you who want to buy a type of multifunction printer at an affordable price, from the latest information that can get the latest Canon Pixma G2010 printer prices in early September around 2 million, no more. The special thing is this Canon 2 million printer is because it is equipped with an integrated Ink tank system feature, this is a printing technology that... Read More

Canon PIXMA G4000 Driver Download

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Canon PIXMA G4000 Driver

Canon PIXMA G4000 Driver Download  -Canon introduces the PIXMA Ink Efficient G4000. This ink-based multifunction printer is intended for business people, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), to students or students who often print black and white or color. The economical secret lies in the printer tank system which is designed to be able to refill the ink, without having to change the print head often.

Other advanced... Read More

Canon PIXMA MG2470 Driver Download

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Canon PIXMA MG2470 Driver

Canon PIXMA MG2470 Driver Download  -The Canon PIXMA MG2470 printer is a device with print, scan, and copy functions that are combined in one machine that is quite reliable. One of the series from the latest Canon Pixma Series of printers has a compact and elegant design with black colors on the printer body. It weighs around 3.5 kg, and this Canon multifunction printer has physical dimensions of 426 x 306 x 145mm. This Canon printer, which is priced at under one million... Read More