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Epson L6190 Driver Windows,Linux,Mac
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Epson L6190 Driver Download

Epson L6190 Driver Download

Epson L6190 Driver Download Links

Epson L6190 Driver Download This Epson printer series is one of the Epson L-Series series of printers. This printer is equipped with a complete InkTank Printer technology that has 4 main features, namely printing, scanning, copying and sending faxes. As the only printer brand that offers the InkTank concept, Epson also provides auto-duplex functionality on this variant of the L6190 printer. In addition to improving the quality of the original manufacturer's series of previous infusion printers as well as comparing with competitor tube printer innovations.

For superior printing and ink problems, of course also in accordance with the price of the Epson L-series 6190 printer, this printer carries a printhead technology that is already known in the world with the latest technology called PrecisionCore, PrecisionCore printing technology is said to produce sharper and better quality prints supported also the use of original pigment ink from Epson can overcome the print both from text documents to images / photos with sharp and clear colors. On the Epson L6190 is also equipped with two-sided printing facilities (duplex) and allegedly can print up to 15 pages per minute in black and white and eight pages in color printing.

PrecisionCore technology uses a new print chip that can deliver up to 30 million drops per second with the smallest size of only 3.3 pl. Print chips have twice the density compared to older technologies (300 DPI versus 150 DPI).

By using an Epson L6190 printer, you can enjoy high-speed printing performance and also borderless printing with sizes up to A4. This printer is equipped with a PrecisionCore printhead, the printing process can be increased so that the level of efficiency can be better. Then, this printer also presents a new integrated tank design that allows this printer to be able to have the smallest size among printers with ink tanks that use other ink bottle refills. You can also refill ink without worrying about spilled ink thanks to the individual bottle design which has a unique shaped tip that can only be used on the partner's tank.

Print Speed and Print Quality

This printer will impress you with its reliable capabilities. The L6190 delivers high resolution output with 4800 DPI for high quality. This makes this printer can print black and white documents with unusually sharp text and is resistant to stains and water. In addition, you can also print lab-quality brilliant photos on photo media paper.

The print speed of a printer depends on the quality you want. From the test that the author did on the Epson L6190 printer, monochrome or single color printing lasts for about 9 seconds, while double-sided color printing on A4 paper takes about 20 seconds. The print quality of the Epson L6190 is very good in all available modes, even in economical mode, the letters are very sharp and clearly visible.

Very Easy Connectivity 

Enjoy the convenience of printing wirelessly with Wi-Fi connectivity support. That way you don't have to bother to connect the printer with a computer device via a cable. In addition, another advantage possessed by this printer is Wi-Fi Direct which allows you to be able to connect up to four devices directly to the printer without having to go through a router. In addition, this printer also offers Ethernet to ensure reliable connectivity so you can easily share the printer with colleagues.

No need to replace cartridges frequently 

Epson is a pioneer in the production of inkjet printers. Instead of using traditional cartridges, Epson L6190 printer has already applied the printing head technology that applies CISS (Continous Ink Supply System) with this printing section can directly continue to print from the ink supply that occurs. This year's printer series is called EcoTank and comes with more innovations, one of which is printing in large quantities but still saving.

Unlike conventional inkjet printers that use ink cartridges, this Epson inkjet printer is equipped with an integrated ink tank that can refill directly to the printing head, besides that the ink cartridge can also be continuously refilled by its users by using Epson Series Ink 100 which has a lid lid design so that the ink is free to spill. The InkTank system, aka the ink tank, is the original work of Epson. This ultra-high capacity ink tank that is easily accessible and easily refilled is installed on the front side of the printer body.

The procedure for downloading and installing the printer driver 

1. For Windows OS:

  1. Click the download link as shown below then select [Save]
  2. Select "Save As", then save to download the selected driver file or by selecting [Run] / [Open]) the file will be automatically installed after the driver is saved. The downloaded file is stored in the place that you specified in the .exe format.
  3. Finally, double-click on the .exe file to decompress so that the installation will start automatically.
  4. 2. For Macintoch OS
  5. click on the download link available below
  6. Check your computer's settings to set the location for storing the drivers you want to download.
  7. Double-click the file to be installed on the Disk Image. Then open the installed Disk Image and set the file folder to start the installation automatically.

3. For Linux OS:

  1. The process of downloading and installing can be done very easily, you just need to follow the instruction manual given to the driver that was downloaded in the installation process.

If you experience problems installing the driver, you can contact professional service software to be able to resolve the problem.

Select the driver you want to download from this list. You can also choose the operating system to see only drivers that are compatible with your system.

So my post today is about   ' Epson L6190 Specifications and Drivers'. Hopefully it can be useful especially for myself as a material note and generally for a warehouse driver friend. So much from me, thank you very much for your visit and see you again in the next post.

Epson L6190 Driver

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Epson L6190 Driver Download

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