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Canon Pixma E610 Driver Windows,Linux,Mac
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Canon Pixma E610 Driver Download

Canon Pixma E610 Driver Download

Canon Pixma E610 Driver Download Links

Canon Pixma E610 Driver Download For some people who are still confused to choose a new printer that has the advantage of high speed but the selling price of a given Canon printer is cheap and affordable.

The solution is only in Canon which will provide various types of printers that are suitable for use, one of which is the PIXMA E610 Canon printer. Each printer from Canon has its own advantages and makes its users feel comfortable and satisfied.

Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E610 is an inkjet printer product from Canon that offers print efficiency without sacrificing quality. This printer is an all in one multifunction printer that is equipped with print, scan, copy and fax features. This printer was not too long ago officially introduced in Indonesia. Canon offers solutions through the Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E610 which prioritizes the efficient use of ink without reducing print quality. The printer with a physical dimension of 458 x 385 x 200 mm and a weight of 8.4 kg looks quite elegant with a glossy black alloy and matte on the printer body. The shape is much different from his brother Canon Ink Efficient E510, even more similar to the Canon Pixma Ink Efficient E600. There are not many significant differences with the preceding series, only the default application features are better.

The print speed of this printer is up to 8.9 ipm when printing black and white document types and 5.3 ipm when printing color documents.

Canon E610 comes with a powerful and powerful performance with a myriad of features that are very supportive for increasing work productivity so that makes this type of printer attract attention.

Modern design

The design that is owned by the Canon E610 Fast Front concept makes it easy for users to use and place the type of paper on the printer.

In addition, this design makes it easy to refill ink. Canon Pixma E610 has a body design that is quite large and attractive, as well as its features.

Starting from the Print Your Days feature which is very suitable for users who have lots of photos on a Facebook account.

By using this feature, users can arrange various types of photos quickly and easily equipped with a variety of backgrounds and layout templates that provide beauty to produce quality photos.

As for the My Image Garden feature, which gives you the advantage to set the type of photo to be printed and improves the quality and color that you want. For how to run it is very easy.

The Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E610 printer has a copy speed of up to 2.5 copies per minute for monochrome documents and 37 seconds for color document copies. The copy resolution of this multifunction printer is capable of up to 600 x 300 dpi. Each copy command on this printer can have a maximum of 20 copies. If it is not really needed, do not use this printer too often to copy documents because it is enough to drain the ink cartridge, especially if you do not use the infusion system. The fax feature is not too disappointing.

With Hybrid System Cartridge technology, this printer is claimed by Canon to be able to print with resolutions reaching 4800 x 1200 dpi. This printer is capable of printing on A4, Letter, Legal, A5, B5, Envelopes (DL, COM10), 4 x 6 ", 5 x 7", and 8 x 10 media. The print speed is around 8.9 ipm (image per minute) for monochrome printing, and 5.2 ipm for full color printing mode. Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E600 printer uses a flatbed type scanner and can also be done through the ADF (Auto Document Feeder) contained in this printer. With ADF scan, it becomes easier and faster because it can save time directly scanning several files entered through the ADF without the need to place one document in the flatbed scan section of the printer. The maximum number of documents that can be accommodated in the ADF printer is 30 sheets. Scan or scan A4, letter, and legal (folio) paper even easier. Its scan resolution can reach 1200 x 2400 dpi with a scan speed of around 20 seconds for a single full-color A4 document.

With Super G3 Technology, this printer fax device is able to achieve color fax speeds of up to 33.6 kbps and can send faxes with A4 size paper in only about 3-5 seconds. There is an internal memory that can store up to 50 faxes while the printer is still connected to the telephone network. Canon also complements the fax security feature. This feature allows users to send documents that are confidential in nature without worrying about sending wrong. This is because fax security requires users to enter the fax number twice to confirm. PIXMA Ink Efficient E610 can also create PDF documents with passwords to maintain the confidentiality of information.

In addition to printing documents, the Canon PIXMA E610 is also suitable for printing photos because it uses the Canon Hybrid System that combines the types of Dye and Pigment inks to get optimal print quality. For CMY color cartridges, this printer uses a Canon CL-98 cartridge type while the Black cartridge uses the Canon PG-88. Canon places the cartridge in the front of the printer and makes it easy to replace the cartridge from the front cover directly and the paper tray located on the front of the printer (fast front).

Printer Performance of the Canon E610

For the performance that is owned by the Canon Pixma E610 printer is unquestionable and doubtful because the Canon product has long been a type of printer manufacturer that has always provided a printer that has a sophisticated and powerful performance.

In addition, cartideg owned by this large capacity printer is capable of printing document types with A4 paper sizes reaching 800 sheets for black and white and reaching 400 sheets for colored ones.

Using the Canon Pixma E610 makes it easy for users to scan or print documents that have been printed on legal type paper.

The activity of printing, scanning and copying documents using PIXMA Ink Efficient E610 becomes lighter thanks to the support of Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).

This feature makes the PIXMA E610 able to hold 30 sheets of documents at a time.

PIXMA Ink Efficient E610 is also equipped with technology that makes the printing process faster. PIXMA Ink Efficient E610 can print borderless 4 ”x 6” photos in 44 seconds and 46 seconds respectively.

The latest printer from Canon has also been equipped using the type of FINE (Full Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology that can provide clearer and more detailed printouts.

In addition, if it is used to print the gradation type, the printed result will appear smoother and softer.

For the durability of this type of Canon E610 printer is proven to last up to 100 years or more. Because it is supported by the Chroma Life 100 technology system that is able to protect this type of image from excessive light and light.

This printer machine is able to provide printing power of images and photos easily, quickly without fading.

The Canon Pixma E610 is also supported by an excellent and efficient Fax Security feature. This feature allows users to send documents that are confidential in nature without worrying about sending wrong.

This is because fax security requires users to enter the fax number twice to confirm. PIXMA Ink Efficient E610 can also create PDF documents with passwords to maintain the confidentiality of information.

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The procedure for downloading and installing the printer driver 

1. For Windows OS:

  1. Click the download link as shown below then select [Save]
  2. Select "Save As", then save to download the selected driver file or by selecting [Run] / [Open]) the file will be automatically installed after the driver is saved. The downloaded file is stored in the place that you specified in the .exe format.
  3. Finally, double-click on the .exe file to decompress so that the installation will start automatically.
  4. 2. For Macintoch OS
  5. click on the download link available below
  6. Check your computer's settings to set the location for storing the drivers you want to download.
  7. Double-click the file to be installed on the Disk Image. Then open the installed Disk Image and set the file folder to start the installation automatically.

3. For Linux OS:

  1. The process of downloading and installing can be done very easily, you just need to follow the instruction manual given to the driver that was downloaded in the installation process.

If you experience problems installing the driver, you can contact professional service software to be able to resolve the problem.

Select the driver you want to download from this list. You can also choose the operating system to see only drivers that are compatible with your system.

So my post today is about   ' Canon PIXMA E610 Specifications and Drivers'. Hopefully it can be useful especially for myself as a material note and generally for a warehouse driver friend. So much from me, thank you very much for your visit and see you again in the next post.

Canon Pixma E610 Driver

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Canon Pixma E610 Driver Download

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